What is real oil free air ?


There are applications in industry that require clean air. And by clean we mean very clean. So the degree of purity.
This purity is laid down in an ISO standard. This ISO standard is 8573-1: 2010. It describes 7 classes that indicate how many solid parts (for example dust), residual oil and how much water there still is in the air.
See the table below.

This shows that the residual oil content is still considerable at classes 6 and 5. Only at classes 2 and 1 it gets really interesting. We are talking here about “technically oil-free air” where the residual oil content at class 1 is already less than 0.01 mg / m³. The amount of water in the air that is expressed in PDP (Pressure dew point) is already around -70 ° C.
More information about the pressure dew point can be found in 1 of our blogs on the website (HERE)

But technically oil-free is not yet oil-free. This is class 0 or 100% oil-free air.
oil free air image

That is, zero oil particles in the compressed air. This ensures that your production process and associated machines are protected against contamination or influence by oil.

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