oil free air at sugar factory


Atomising air for steamboilers at sugar factory
Location: Netherlands
Duration: 22 weeks
Project management: RTC / IR

  • 1 Electric oil-free air cooled screw compressor – 300 kW
  • 1 Electric water cooled centrifugal compressor – 325 kW
  • 1 Compressed air buffer tank – 10.000 Ltr (9 bar)
  • 2 Blower heated desiccant air dryer PDP -40°C
  • 2 Oil free compressed air booster to 40 Bar – 220 kW each
  • 1 Compressed air buffer tank – 500 Ltr (42 bar)
  • 2 Autonomous cooling water systems for cooling of 1 compressor and 2 boosters
  • 900 meters of electric power cable 

This system was completely redundant to operate at all circumstances


On a Friday evening we called the emergency number of the RTC Group and immediately the phone was picked up.

Maintenance manager steel

factory Belgium

With tremendous fast response time they helped us to get our compressed air production to an acceptable level.

Project leader

The Netherlands

This solution has saved us huge amounts of diesel, pollution and not the least euros.

Senior buyer