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Oil free centrifugal air compressor

AIR Compressors

Compressors produce compressed air which can be widely and safely used for many applications. 

compressor and desiccant dryer

AIR Dryers

Compressed air dryers condition compressed air. Conditioning is necessary to prevent damage in the production process.


In order to meet the many different Voltages in the industry in Europe, we also offer transformers.
(NEN 3840 certified)


Everything necessary to get the compressed air at the desired pressure at the desired location to ensure safe operation.


On a Friday evening we called the emergency number of the RTC Group and immediately the phone was picked up.

Maintenance manager steel

factory Belgium

With tremendous fast response time they helped us to get our compressed air production to an acceptable level.

Project leader

The Netherlands

This solution has saved us huge amounts of diesel, pollution and not the least euros.

Senior buyer