The environmental impact of diesel driven air compressors in temporary projects

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Blog

When large production facilities have problems with their air supply temporary compressed air (oil free) can be the solution in many cases. However, many companies choose a diesel driven air compressor as it is a quick fix; they are easy to install and they are available on short notice. 

Unfortunately, the environmental impact of diesel driven machines is immense.

Let’s take a look …
Oil free diesel driven air compressor in industrial application

We’ll compare the exhaust emission of these compressors (45 m³/min of 100% oil free air) to vehicles who are stuck in an ordinary traffic jam. One idling vehicle burns up about 0,5 L/ hour when stuck in traffic. One oil free diesel compressor consumes about 85 to 90 L/hour of fuel while running. A typical large production facility needs 100 to 200 m³/min of compressed air. A simple calculation shows us that this requires 3 to 5 diesel driven compressors but we’ll base the calculation on just 3 machines.

So 3 diesel driven compressors equal a full 2 hour traffic jam of  64,8 kilometres! Shocking, don’t you think?

Traffic jam

Not to mention the diesel consumption in relation to the price. These same compressors will cost you about €102.000  per week for just the fuel. (price per liter as of  March 2022)

Would you like to know the impact it has on your company? Or how you can lower the cost with a rental ?

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